Trump & Timbal Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company inspired by Enlightenment coffee culture.

From the late Renaissance, coffee houses became havens for intellectual, commercial and artistic activity; so much so, that some historians believe coffee sparked the Age of Enlightenment. We’d certainly like to think so!

We celebrate this era of discovery, where a pioneering spirit and a childlike sense of wonder gave life to boundless marvels of art, science and philosophy, and a few centuries later: Trump & Timbal Coffee Roasters!

Each coffee bean is a unique expression of a long journey made from farm to table: climate and season; altitude and topography; soil and species all shape the way coffee tastes in your cup.

And, when we touch coffee with our hands, we bring to it our own individual character: from harvesting and processing; to blending and roasting; to grinding and brewing.

So, the next time you brew some Trump & Timbal coffee, notice for a moment how this long and careworn journey alights in your cup, delivering the same inspiration that once gave rise to the Age of Reason!