Heartveld Sprouted Goods is our tasty range of organic sprouted fare with phenomenal health benefits.

Two thousand years ago, the Essenes were sprouting their wheat – and for good reason! Sprouting or, in the case of oats and nuts, activating, makes these foods far more digestible and nutritious. Grains and seeds have a built-in defence system that makes it hard for us to tolerate them. On top of that, anti-nutrients called phytates inhibit our ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals in the grain, including the food we eat with it. When we sprout/activate, we neutralise most of these anti-nutrients, transforming grains and nuts into readily digestible superfoods. So that is what we do!

In short, sprouting of grains and pulses:

  • increases the bio-availability of otherwise locked-in vitamins and minerals;
  • greatly diminishes harmful enzymes and anti-nutrients;
  • makes them much easier to digest;
  • allows for all of the wheat berry to be used (i.e. the vital wheat germ is not removed);
  • converts hard-to-assimilate starches into simple, low GI vegetable sugars;
  • can greatly improve tolerance for people with wheat sensitivities.