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Welcome to Trump & Timbal’s Coffee Menu!

unnamed We offer a variety of signature blends and distinctive speciality grade single origin coffees. All coffees are ethically sourced, traceable and roasted to order for optimal freshness. To preserve this freshness, we only sell our coffee as whole beans.

Trump & Timbal coffees come in collectable glass jars (our pride and joy!) or in compostable soft packs (humble refill bags that are not intended for storage). The jars cost an additional R15 (350g) or R20 (800g).

Featured Coffee: Our Summer’s Blend 🌞

Every month, we feature a coffee and offer it at a discount. You get to try a new coffee and pay less for it while doing so! ; ) As we are heading for Summer, this month it is our Summer’s Blend – a beautiful fruity, light to medium body coffee. An homage to those lovely Summer days that are now not far away anymore (as is the poem by the roaster himself on the order page…).


Origin: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda
Selection & processing: washed, sundried Arabicas
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Bugisu
Roast: CityPlus

orange zest | black tea | toffee

Trump & Timbal Signature Blends

The long and short of it! Trump & Timbal’s espresso, cafe, decaf and seasonal blends are heartfelt ballads to the blender’s art – embodying creativity, precision, balance and most of all, character.

caramel brittle | cigar leaf | Dutch cocoa

cocoa | chocolate | marzipan

treacle tart | marzipan | maple

Trump & Timbal Distinctive Range

Discover the infinitely diverse world of single origin speciality coffee. Terroir, altitude, varietal and processing bring great character and individuality to each of these coffees. Coming soon!