Trump & Timbal Coffee Menu


Welcome to Trump & Timbal’s Coffee Menu!

unnamed We offer a small menu of signature blends and distinctive speciality-grade single origin coffees. All coffees are ethically sourced, traceable and roasted to order for optimal freshness. To preserve this freshness, we sell our coffee as whole beans.

Trump & Timbal coffees come in collectable glass jars (our pride and joy!) or in compostable soft packs (refill bags that are not intended for storage). We sell the jars at cost: R25 for our 350g jar and R35 for our 800g jar.

Trump & Timbal Signature Blends

The long and short of it! Trump & Timbal’s espresso, cafe, decaf and seasonal blends are heartfelt ballads to the blender’s art – embodying creativity, precision, balance and most of all, character.

chocolate | Toasted Nuts | Dutch cocoa

caramel brittle | cigar leaf | Dutch cocoa

cocoa | chocolate | marzipan

treacle tart | marzipan | maple

Trump & Timbal Distinctive Range

Terroir, altitude, varietal and processing bring great character and individuality to single origin coffees. Our current ~ organic ~ single origin comes from Uganda. This high grown washed Arabica is grown on small family farms at altitudes of 1200m to 1900m on the edge of the slopes of Mount Elgon. Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano – an important feature, as volcanic soils provide great growing conditions for coffee: a nutrient dense substrate for healthy growth. It delivers rich, complex flavours in the cup.  Ugandan coffee is known for its exceptional body and cocoa and aromatic wood accents – a far cry from the bright, blueberry and citrus toned cups of, for example, Rwanda and Kenya.

This coffee is roasted to medium+, which I believe emphasises its best characteristics: a dense, syrupy body, with rich layers of cocoa, carob, and stewed prune.

cocoa | carob | stewed prunes